What to look for in your baby’s first travel system

One of the questions parents-to-be face most often (besides your due date and baby’s gender!) is what travel system you’re going to invest in. How your little one is going to be transported around town, and how this set of wheels will fit into your life is a big and important decision. 

Because, these days prams are no longer just prams. They are customisable, state-of-the-art travel systems that take you from car to mall to walk in the park, from naptime to awake time, from newborn to busy toddler years. So let’s delve a little deeper to help you make the right choice.

Firstly, what is a travel system?

A travel system basically means that you can clip your car seat into your pram. In other words, it’s an all-in-one car seat and pram combo. This is handy because:

  • Babies love to nap in the car so this way you can easily take them out of the car without waking them.
  • You know that your tiny baby is completely safe in a seat designed for road safety – one that can keep their neck and body supported.
  • You will save money with a combo buy, rather than buying everything separately.

It’s all about the base (the ISOFIX base)

Speaking of clipping, if you’re all about convenience then look for a travel system that comes with an ISOFIX base. This means you never have to fight with a seatbelt again as the car seat easily and securely plugs into the base – which permanently stays in your car. The ISOFIX system means less chance of incorrect or unsafe installation, plus it is proven to be outstandingly safe in tests.

Think about how your baby will grow

The great thing about a travel system is that it’s fully customisable and adapts with your needs as your baby grows. While your baby is very little, it will spend time either in the car seat part of the pram or – if the system includes it – in the bassinet. 

Some designs – such as our very own Baby Africa Luxury Spin 3-in1 Travel System – has a bassinet that converts into a stroller seat when your child is older. So while your baby is little, you can have it lying flat in the bassinet during naptime. And when she’s a busy toddler, the bassinet is a comfy seat from where she can explore the world.

It’s all about the 360° view

Another great feature you’ll want is the ability to swivel your bassinet and seat unit. All Baby Africa’s systems come with this function, which means the seat can face sideways, front or rear without removing your baby or toddler. This is quite handy if they want to see and chat to you, or if the sun is bothering them.

What about folding it up?

You are going to fold up your pram countless times so it needs to be super easy to manoeuvre – ideally with one hand! Moms love the ease of use of Baby Africa’s prams, which offers a quick-lift folding system. 

The aluminium frame makes it super lightweight too, so you can easily load it into your car without breaking a sweat. To be on the safe side, always see if you’re comfortable with the mechanics and actually put it in your boot to see if it fits comfortably.

And finally, safety features

A pram is a very costly purchase so you’ll want complete peace of mind that it prescribes to strict safety guidelines. At Baby Africa, our travel systems adhere to both UK and South African Safety Standards (EN1888 & Car seat ECE R44). 

Safety is of paramount importance to us, as well as supreme comfort, easy-to-use features and affordability. If you believe your baby deserves the best, Baby Africa is the brand to put on your wishlist. What’s more, you can also pay off your dream pram with our convenient downpayment options, where you lay-by over 3, 4 or 6 months.

Take a look at our stylish and popular travel systems now to find the right one for your new family.

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